About the Journal

The Journal of Applied Engineering Design and Simulation (JAEDS) provides a publication platform for design and/or simulation work based on applied engineering cases with interesting themes, solved using acceptable engineering procedures that will be useful for similar works at all levels. Novel outcomes are not the priority, but unique approach for unique problems are highly encouraged combining technical judgment with the relative sciences and mathematics. The scope of JAEDS emphasizes on the practical design process or simulation works of specific engineering issues that will assist in continuous quality improvement of real-world engineering. Manuscripts that attempt to systematically identify or explore diverse approaches in the design of components, processes or systems that leads to an evident improvement in its functionality, efficiency or cost are highly sought. This is inclusive of new methods that show and openly discusses the technical challenges of its implementation such as integration of concepts, mathematical operations or models, software tools and customized simulation coding. JAEDS is currently accepting manuscripts for the next issue scheduled in September 2022. Interested authors are required to register an account to start the online submission process. JAEDS publishes OPEN ACCESS articles with no publication fee. All manusripts will undergo a double blind review process.