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The Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies (JCIS) (ISSN: 2289-9634, e-ISSN: 0128-0902) is an open-access international refereed journal. Journal of Contemporary Islamic Studies (JCIS) will be accepting research paper from significant issues in islamic studies. JCIS is published biannually in June and December. Various field or research that include (but not limited to) Shariah, theology, Islamic banking and finance, Islamic economics, Islamic accounting, Islamic legal maxims, Islamic environmental studies, Islamic art and architecture, Islamic investment, Islamic wealth management, Islamic inheritance, Islamic security, Islamic capital market, Islamic money market, Islamic legal framework, Islamic management, Islamic education, Islamic sociology, Siyasah syariyyah and many more. PUBLICATION IS FREE OF CHARGE. JCIS is indexed in MyCite, MyJurnal, Asian Digital Library, Google Scholar


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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2018): JCIS Vol 4 Issue (1) June
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This  issue covers the area of sustaining  family well being, economic thought  of Sheikh Daud Al Fatani, Wakaf, Teaching and  learning in Islamic study, the Influence of Marughi Tafsir in Malay writing  and so on,

Published: 2019-06-01


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