About the Journal

The Journal of Creative Arts is a premier publication dedicated to showcasing a wide array of creative works and scholarly research across various artistic disciplines. Our journal provides a platform for artists, writers, scholars, and practitioners to share their innovative ideas, original research, and creative expressions with a global audience.

Scope and Focus:

The Journal of Creative Arts covers a broad spectrum of artistic fields, including but not limited to:

  • Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, photography, digital art)
  • Literary Arts (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, essays)
  • Performing Arts (theater, dance, music)
  • Media Arts (film, video, animation, multimedia)
  • Design (graphic, industrial, fashion)


Our mission is to celebrate creativity and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arts. We aim to:

  • Provide a high-quality, peer-reviewed platform for creative and scholarly works.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration among artists and researchers.
  • Support emerging artists and scholars by giving them a voice and visibility in the academic and artistic communities.
  • Promote diversity, inclusion, and innovation in the arts.


Current Issue

Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): Journal of Creative Arts
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Published: 2024-05-31


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Publication Frequency

  • 2 times per year
  • Issue 1: March
  • Issue 2: October
  • At least 10 articles/video materials per issue
  • Special Issue (if necessary)

Using Third-Party Material

Necessary permission must be obtained to reuse third-party material in any article. The use of short extracts of text and some other types of material is usually permitted, on a limited basis, for the purposes of criticism and review without securing formal permission. If any material to be included in an article for which the author does not hold copyright, and which is not covered by this informal agreement, the author will need to obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to submission.

Reference and Citation Style

Intext citations and references must conform to the APA style (7th edition)

Referee Process

All manuscripts submitted to Journal of Creative Arts are refereed, therefore, articles submitted to, and refereed by Journal of Creative Arts, may require minor to major revisions. We request that our referees and editorial consultants write helpful, anonymous reports, which can be sent directly to our authors to assist them in their revisions for Journal of Creative Arts. The referee reports will indicate whether or not an article is publishable, and the editors will then, where necessary, work further with authors on conceptualisation, any additional modifications and on other issues which may need addressing. This may require revisions -- conceptual, stylistic, factual -- over and above those initially identified by the referees, thus, authors need to be prepared and available to engage in such extra liaison and remain in touch with the journal’s editors throughout the production process.